Bristol Motor Cars – Bristol, PA

Squash Your Old Ride! Even If You Still Have Payments!

Hey this is Joe and Chris Dieckhaus from Bristol Motor Cars.

With holiday shopping around the corner, we need to stuff our lot with cars.

So right now you can SQUASH YOUR OLD RIDE!

And we’ll help you trot away in a Nicer, Newer® car for the same or possibly even lower monthly payment.

Been burned by past credit problems? My For The People® Credit Approval Process is all gravy, baby!

So SQUASH YOUR OLD RIDE and devour a Nicer, Newer® car you’ll be thankful for today.

But hurry! You snooze, you lose—this deal will be gobbled up before November 30th.

I’m Joe and Chris Dieckhaus from Bristol Motor Cars and I’m your dealer For The People®!

Just give us a call at 215-788-7833 or type in your information below and we’ll get in touch with you.

*Credit requires bank approval. Negative equity may be refinanced. “Nicer, Newer” and “For The People” are registered trademarks u

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